Prophet Badu Kobi, the founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Chapel International has saved himself from the ongoing trolls and disgrace channeled towards him by Ghanaians, concerning his failed football prophecies.

Not so long ago, Prophet Badu Kobi prophesied in Argentina verses Brazil’s match in the Copa America finals that, Brazil was going to win in the match and hook away the trophy. Most Ghanaians thought Brazil was going to win the match just as the pastor prophesied, but at the end of the 90 minutes of play, Argentina had scored Brazil a goal to nil, winning the Copa America trophy.

Again, in Italy against England’s final match in the Euros, the same prophet prophesied that England was going to score Italy and win the trophy. His prophecy again didn’t go through, with Italy scoring England in a penalty shoot out and winning the trophy.

Ghanaians expressed extreme disappointment in the prophet for deceiving them with “fake” prophecies. The prophet has come out to explain his point as to why his prophecies failed to manifest. According to the prophet, there is no prophet on the planet who has never failed with his prophecies. He narrates that no matter how divine a pastor or prophet is, he might one day make prophecies which will fail to manifest.

Watch the video as he explained his point below;

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