Mzvee, the ex Lynx Entertainment signee has broke silence on why she left the Lynx Entertainment after several years of working with Richie Mensah’s under his record label.

Speaking on the UTV Showbiz television program, Vera attributed her departure from the Lynx Entertainment record label to the fact that she was becoming bored. It had become a usual routine to her where she was always working with Richie under his record label. In a nutshell, the female musician wanted to experience a change in environment.

However, Vera added some key points to her explanation after revealing to viewers why she left the Lynx entertainment. She advised the young and coming artists to be very vigilant and extra careful when agreeing to the dictates of any record label they go into contract with.

She explains how the young and upcoming artists always become enthusiastic when offered the opportunity to work with renowned record labels, but fail to critically go through the contract paper. She added that artists should get legal representatives who will help explain the contract to their understanding.

Watch the video below;

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