Ghana’s actor, Kofi Asamoah has revealed more secretes concerning the recent trends about Moesha Buduong. Asamoah happens to be a trusted friend of Moesha Buduong, who stays in the same vicinity with her at East Legon in Accra.

Speaking on the Peace FM some few hours ago, Kofi Asamoah unveiled that, singer Efya Nokturnal is the lady through whom Moesha Buduong acquired her Range Rover car. The actor claims Efya, together with a renowned male artist from Nigeria bought Moesha the Range Rover car.

Meanwhile, some friends of Moesha are raising arguments and attacks towards Kofi Asamoah that he is spewing lies and deceiving the public into thinking that Efya is the one who bought Moesha the Range Rover whip. The actor still stood by his words that Moesha is a very trusted friend of him and as such, people should not doubt his credibility concerning this information.

Listen to the audiovisual content of Kofi Asamoah’s interview on Peace FM below;

Moesha is currently facing the toughest moments in her life, with suicidal thoughts wallowing through her brain. Issues like this only aggravates the problem and makes her develop more suicidal thoughts. It’s high time the media, including her friends come together to help her out of the problem.

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