Wendy Shay of the Rufftown Records has opened up on her new Christian life, though she is still into the circular music production.
According to the musician, Bullet, her manager introduced her into the Christian life.

The 25 years old musician summarized her life journey yesternight on the UTV Showbiz program. During her life in Germany, the musician admitted that she never knew about Christ. She thought life was all about making fun and meeting your demands. It was after her journey to Ghana after meeting Bullet that made her realize that there is another phase of life.

Wendy Shay reveals that her manger Bullet introduced her to Christ. He schooled her on the fact that as a musician, you need to get yourself glued to a spiritual protection and guidance. Bullet then introduced her to Jesus Christ as his spiritual father and protector. The female musician said live on TV that she is no more going to make piercings on her body. After her spiritual awakening, she has removed all the earrings in her nose, ears and other parts of the body and even vows not to put them on again.

Watch the video below;

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