Black Sheriff, the Accra based Konongo rapper, made it large at a night club inside Kumasi last night. The young rapper turned on the energy of people at the night club with his first and second sermon released earlier this month.

In a white glittering top and his usual Durga scarf, the young artist mounted the stage at the night club, calling the attention of people at the night club who were initially tired and getting dozed off. Blacko reenergized the body of people at the night club, making them sing joyfully and happily to his latest second sermon track.

The lyrical contents in the tracks is what inspires listeners anytime they hear the song. The first and second sermon songs from Black Sheriff are full of street codes and languages. Listening to the track motivates the listener to strive hard in life and achieve his aims and targets.

The tracks talk about the life journey of Blacko, right from Konongo to Accra, and how he is facing to get ends meet in the capital city. He uses his life journey as a reference to others to keep up the good work and hustle harder.

Watch the video as he performed at the night ckub below;

By Stephen Sarfo

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