Just yesterday, on the 12th of November 2020, Ghanaians didn’t hear a heart warming message after news broke out that former President John Jerry Rawlings has passed away. The incident happened at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Accra, the capital city of the Republic of Ghana.

Ghanaians and the world eulogize this great figure as he journeys to the ancestral world. On the social media, celebrities and other renowned individuals across the world keep lamenting over the death of the former president. He was such a great leader whose exit from the world has caused so much pain in the hearts of Ghanaians and the world.

A very strange thing happened yesterday at the residence of the former president after his death. A lady by name Emefa, an inhabitant of the Volta region went to the residence of the former president requesting for his dead body. According to Emefa, the former president is not dead but asleep. She cries out bitterly asking the police guards to allow her enter the house to raise him from death.

In a paraphrase, she says the former president is standing by the sea side and is not dead. She makes it clear that if they do not allow her to enter the house to raise him up, he will take a boat and leave the seashore.

Watch the video below;

By Stephen Sarfo

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